Monday, April 10, 2006

Stuck Byco

Stuck Byco
Originally uploaded by yojasonsparks.
Byco decided to jump behind the couch, but couldn't get out. After I took him out, he jumped right back there again :)


Sharon said...

I know this blog has been extremely helpful to owners who have had the FHO procedure performed on their cats. And I think by now I've read all 173 posts. My cat Jack was originally diagnosed with a right femoral head fracture on November 2nd and the thought was that as a young stray of about 1.5 years of age that the fracture would heal. On November 30th after sleeping with Jack on the floor for 28 nights we returned for a followup Xray to discover the problem was much more severe then originally thought. Apparently Jack, who appears to be mostly Maine Coon, has a degenerative problem in that he does not have an active blood supply to either femoral head and thus both bones are dying. I live in a rural area of Upstate New York and the detailed procedure estimated @ $711.45 is scheduled for Thursday December 15th. Jason thanks for being there for so many of us over the years. I noticed in reading all the comments there were a number of people who had double hip procedures done and in fact a couple of people in more recent posts were looking for feedback on how they went. I'm also very interested in knowing if a dual hip procedure results in a much longer recovery period along with anything additionally I should be considering, e.g. I'm switching to an open liter box and i'll carry Jack to and from the box if needed.

Barbara said...

Hi to all

I am wondering if this Blog is still active?
My name is Barbara and I live in Los Angeles. Our 16 month old Maine Coon Bentley is on his 3rd post op day form his FHO surgery. He had a fracture in the growth plate of his right Femoral Head. I am so worried about him!!! He is not allowed any activity for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks of rest he is encouraged to use his leg with no further restrictions.
My concern is that he has not pooped since the day before his surgery. That makes it 3 days today without a bowl movement. He has no trouble urinating but he is not defecating. I have been giving him 2 tsp of Pumpkin and extra water through a syringe daily. He is on a wet food diet (Natures Variety Instinct Lamb) therefore does not drink much water on his own. I called my Vet and was told to try also some Milk to help him have a movement but he does not like Milk at all! Is there anybody here that had a similar problem with post op constipation? Any advice from anybody would be much appreciated!

It is so heart breaking to see him walk, he is wearing a Fentanol Pain patch but he still seems to be in pain.


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