Sunday, January 08, 2006

Byco, Up Close

Originally uploaded by yojasonsparks.
We came home from running errands yesterday and little byco met us at the door with a nasty red eye. The poor guy was obviously agitated... We looked around in there and couldn't find anything.

Immediately, every time something happens to one of our cats, my wife and I go through the 'Should we take him to the vet debate' (and for some reason this always happens on a weekend or in the late evening). So we start looking on the internet for possible culprits... We decide it probably isn't an infection or we would have noticed it getting worse (we pay very close attention to our cats :)). So it is most likely something in there that needs to be flushed out. Out to PetsMart I go to buy cat eye wash :)

Every time we try to play vet we seem to make it worse. He clearly didn't like the eye wash and it made his eye even redder. So we decided to let him sleep and look at it this morning. Luckily it seems to be much better. Man, so much worry for such a little animal :)


Anonymous said...

I am also always wondering if I should rush my cat to the vet! And it seems like every time we come home he gets some sort of illness. It makes me think twice now about vets.

Maria said...

Eye is fine now? Doesn't look red in picture at all...

Jason Sparks said...

Yeah it is totally fine now... Sorry the pic isn't supposed to be of the red eye :)


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